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Postponement Pals

Everyone's saying it: "POSTPONE DON'T CANCEL, SAVE EVENTS!" And yes, postponing your event helps your vendors revenue stream because it ensures that they will in fact be paid for their work (it's just likely to be later than expected) but did you know that while postponing may seem stressful, it (and we!) can save YOU and your wedding too?

For all of you babes being forced to postpone your wedding - we feel for you, and we grieve for you. The feeling of being a skip hop and a jump away from that day that you've dreamt of since you were a little girl, endlessly scanning Pinterest for new ideas, countless hours you secretly spent at work finding your bridal shower dress, your rehearsal dinner dress, your wedding dress...not to mention you've been crushing it on your Peloton #sweatingforthewedding all to have it stripped away from you in a matter of days? You're screaming: POSTPONING?! I have to change my wedding date?! I was dreaming of a Spring wedding and now I have to have it in the Fall? Will the restrictions even be lifted by Fall? Isn't that hurricane season?! Before you go down a deep dark rabbit hole, insert deep breath here. We want you to know we get it - because, quite honestly we've been dreaming it up with you, and the emotions are pretty real and raw right about now. But, for all of our babes we have also been their postponement gal pals. Meaning if you're one of our booked clients, we are cheering you on, trying to keep your spirits up, while also doing our best to handle everything that goes into postponing your wedding. We are doing this so you can do things like keep working, homeschool your kids, watch Tiger King (jokes!) or seriously just some time to be alone or with your family during this scary time. Because *spoiler alert* it takes hours of endless communication and research to handle a wedding postponement.

Did you know that if you do not currently have a wedding planner/coordinator, you can hire us on to handle your postponement? Several couples have reached out to us in regards to this service lately and the answer is YES! We will create a custom proposal for you to handle your postponement only, handle your postponement and come on as your wedding planner from here on out, or handle your postponement as well as offer you our month of coordination package. And great news, it doesn't matter where you are! With us being in a coastal environment we are (unfortunately) extremely familiar with handling postponements, and since it can all be done virtually we can do it right from our home office no matter where your wedding is being held. What kind of services come with postponement packages? Well, why didn't you ask sooner?!

-We have a consultation with you to go over ideal new dates that work for you (time of year, day of the week, etc.)

-We work collectively with all booked vendors to find a new wedding date that suits all vendor availability that matches yours

-Negotiate deposit & final payment transfers on your behalf

-Research new venues if you are unable to use your current booked venue (both ceremony & reception)

-Once we secure a new date we will do things such as: Edit vendor contracts & orders, update vendor payment schedules, provide unlimited email correspondence, provide unlimited phone calls, etc.

-Change guest accommodation dates/room blocks and research new guest accommodation locations if necessary

-Talk with your wedding insurance company to review and update your current policy

-Keep in close contact with you with all updates

The main goal of what we're trying to do is handle all communication and correspondence so you don't have to. As mentioned before, there is a mountain of leg work and back and forth that couples don't have time for right now, or just don't want to deal with and that's what we are here for. If you're interested in finding yourself some positive, empathetic, postponement gal pals - shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll get started ASAP! Oh, and then pour yourself a quarantini and relax knowing you're in good hands!

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