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it   takes  two  baby...

We are Samantha and Taylor, co-owners of Coastyle Weddings & Events. After years in the corporate event planning world, we decided we wanted to offer couples a more honest, hands on event planning experience. With hundreds of weddings under our belts, we've created a delicious recipe for success. 


Outside of being creative entrepreneurs and educators, we are also mothers and wives to a total of three children and two wonderful husbands.


We believe in hard work, professionalism, helping others, family time, and that a good laugh and a long nap may just be some of the best medicine there is. But above all, we believe in a thing called love

As creatives we are continually inspired by simplicity, modern architecture, fashion, diversity, and anything that exudes timeless romance.

We can't wait to meet you and welcome you into the Coastyle family!

Outer Banks Wedding Planner