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Clare & Sam | 5 stars


Hiring Coastyle is like planning your wedding with your best friends who don't get tired of hearing about your crazy ideas or problems or breakdowns, and who happen to also have incredible style and taste. They take the time to get to know you personally and what you really want your wedding to be about, which is an absolutely priceless gift (especially at the end) when you are decision fatigued and running out of steam. I completely trusted that they knew me and knew what I would want at every step of the process. 

When I walked into our wedding for the first time, it was like they somehow took the dream wedding in my head (that I wasn't even sure I had accurately described to them in enough detail) and pasted it onto our venue, plus extra things I didn't even know I needed or wanted. Several of our friends and family said that it was basically like I threw up and a perfect wedding came out (sorry for the visual, but it was) and they were completely responsible for making that happen.. 

They allowed my husband and I and our families to completely enjoy the day and it was literally the happiest, most pure bliss I've probably felt in my entire life and I could never have had that if it wasn't for Coastyle and the passion and expertise they bring to everything they do. We got endless compliments on how wonderful and easy they made our day from our guests. 

As soon as I stepped foot to our venue, I got to turn my brain off and let them take it from there, which is a truly priceless experience and I am so incredibly grateful I chose them. I know wedding planning is expensive, but if you're going to splurge on something, make it them. Just do it. You'll thank yourself later, I promise. They made our day not only my aesthetic dream but emotionally the most perfect day I could've ever imagined.

Lisa | 5 stars
mother of the bride





Let's face it. Weddings are expensive. You will need to pick where you want your "wow" factor to be and some things you will need to let go of. But make no mistake your most important decision is a full service wedding planner who knows your vendors, can coordinate and negotiate on your behalf and pull off flawless execution on your wedding day. Without this none of the magic will happen! Coastyle Events was the first and most important decision we made. We are "blown away" with how they took our daughter's vision and turned it into reality. It was way beyond our expectations and we enjoyed every minute because there was absolutely no worry about the details. Coastyle worked tirelessly to ensure the day was perfect! We can thank you enough Taylor and Samantha!

Madison & Nate | 5 stars


There are no words to describe the professionalism, organization, and kindness that the ladies of Coastyle deliver. My family surprised me with them as our wedding planners for my birthday, after I spent months stalking their incredibly aesthetic Instagram, and it was truly the most incredible gift I could have ever received. Samantha and Taylor took my entire Pinterest board and brought it to life. (In fact, they exceeded ALL of my visions.) They made wedding planning SO enjoyable and seamless and truly provided the most luxurious experience. We simply could not have asked for better wedding planners and cannot recommend them enough. While there are truly no words to convey how amazing these ladies are, know that they have forever touched the hearts of my husband and I. We will cherish every email exchange, Zoom call, and meeting we had with them in our hearts forever, as we attribute every part of our perfect day to their planning and dedication. Do yourself a favor and book these beautiful ladies. They are worth every dime and more!

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