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Romantic Rain

What's your biggest "fear" when it comes to your wedding? We think the first thing that comes to a lot of couple's minds would be bad weather. C'mon, we all know that Alanis Morissette song, "...It's like rain on your wedding day, it's a free ride when you've already paid, it's the good advice that you just didn't take." But as you've probably also heard, rain on your wedding day means good luck. That leads us to Kaila and Don.

This unbearably cute couple was married on a Saturday in August at Koru Village in Avon, NC and we had the luxury of being their day of coordinators. Koru is a beautiful open air venue, that offers covered space for the reception with all open siding that leads out to a pool, and a private walkway to the beach. Kaila and Don chose a ceremony on the beach, with cocktails and dinner to follow at the poolside pavilion.

The couple kept decor simple and true to the Outer Banks. White linens were adorned with lace and burlap runners, topped with distressed lanterns, and seashells. Touches of seaglass were scattered throughout the room - the perfect hues of blue. Guests could leave the couple a message in a bottle, while enjoying any cookie their heart may desire from the cookie table (all handmade by the families).

The day started off dreary (but no rain). We decided to "go for it" - that's what we say when weather is iffy, it's too hard to make a solid call either way, but the couple wants to take the chance. For what it's worth, we love these kind of couples. They wanted to get married on the beach, and well that's what they were going to do! Honestly, this may have been one of our most romantic ceremonies to date. After everyone had processed down the aisle, the bride's parents gave her away, and in the middle of the vows BAM, downpour. We're talking down. pour. The kind of rain where the officiant mumbled the final words, Don dipped Kaila low, they sealed the deal and everyone ran for cover back over the dunes to the reception space. You think maybe the bride would be mad, or at least frustrated. Kaila didn't even skip a beat. Everyone toweled off, ate hors d'oeuvres, had a few cocktails, and partied on. Best part was the sun came out just in time for those #justmarried photos. Storms rolled through off and on all night while everyone danced the night away. True OBX style.

Kaila and Don, congratulations again! Thank you for being so cool, calm and collected even in the midst of an evening full of crazy weather. We'd have to say in this case, rain may have brought you the best luck. Congratulations on welcoming your beautiful baby girl Kinsley into the world!

Day of Coordination: Coastyle Weddings & Events

Officiant: Repeat After Me

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