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Bountiful Balance

"How do I know which one of you is answering my email?"

"Who does your social media?"

"How did you meet each other?"

"Where did you gain your experience?"

We love these questions! And we get them often from vendors, friends and clients. Many creatives solely own their business, or commonly work as a husband and wife team. We are a little different and that's just how we like it.

It all started at The Currituck Club, a public country club located in Corolla, NC. We crossed paths working weddings there - at different points we had the same job as the private events manager and we were also each other's boss lady too! We both started as interns and worked our way into management. The great thing about the years of experience we gained there was that the club did and still does offer a very full service experience for their clients, so we were fortunate enough to learn it all! Catering, bar service, event layouts, linen sizing and ordering, timeline development, ceremony rehearsals, just to name a few - and then of course all the hard work, labor, and time management that goes into the day of the event. We were able to meet and connect with so many vendors across the board, that when we launched CWE we were welcomed with open arms.

We both learned so much from our corporate experiences and we will always be thankful for them. It gave us both the knowledge and confidence to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

When it comes to why we work well together it is best described by two words: Balance and Communication. We are in constant communication and we balance each other well. Aspects one person needs work on the other excels in. In regards to who does what? Well, we currently both do it all. Though we have aspects we each focus on, our business is small, so when it comes to our clients they get 100% of both of us. We both read and respond to all emails, we work together in the office, we attend in person meetings together, we schedule phone calls so we can both be available, we run ceremony rehearsals as a unit, and we are both present from start to finish on the event day. The only time this doesn't occur is if one of us is out of town or ill and we can service our clients quicker by answering an email or taking a meeting solo. But more important than business tactics is that our core values are the same. We believe wholeheartedly in a strong work ethic, honesty, professionalism, remaining humble, family time, helping others, and that sunshine, a good laugh and a long nap may just be some of the best medicine there is. We feel connected to our clients and always hope that our relationship with them will extend far beyond their nuptials.

We're not saying our business will always remain this way, because we just don't know. We're both open to its expansion and wherever that may take us. Whether it's taking on our own individual clients, opening additional Coastyle offices nationwide, or adding other creatives to our team...who knows. Isn't that just the beauty of dreaming big?

Photo: Genevieve Stewart Photography

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