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Becoming Brame

Time is a confusing thing. Have you ever gotten bad news and it seems like time freezes, or maybe a job you hated where you literally stare at your computer screen and count down the minutes until 5:00pm? But then, the good things fly by. Why is that? Your wedding day is a great example of this, or even when you have an awesome weeks vacation, or realize your first daughter is almost two years old. TWO. You always look back and you think "That vacation flew by!" or, "It seems like just yesterday I held my baby in my arms for the first time."

The same thing goes for good friends and a job you love. There's not a day where we sit in the office and don't wish we had more time. We love our job and truly want to give our clients all of us and there is just flat out never enough time in the day.

Taylor met Laura back in college at RU. Laura was the girl that was friends with everyone. She was always happy, sincere, caring, and just had this aura about her that was welcoming. And she was a dog lover, and honestly, who doesn't love a dog lover?

About five (quick) years later we launched Coastyle, right around the time Laura was beginning her wedding planning. Just like the Laura she had always been, she jumped at the chance to support our new venture and let us coordinate her wedding day. Writing this could bring us to tears. Starting a business is scary. We are both lucky enough to have huge support systems - our loved ones both near and far have always rooted for us since day one. It doesn't matter how much you know you're good at what you do, or how many people tell you you're going to crush it, you will always have that tiny voice creep into your head late at night that screams: "Should I really have quit my day job? Is anyone going to book us? Are we going to fail?"

Laura and Ryan were the first clients we ever booked with Coastyle Weddings & Events LLC. Not our first wedding, but the first people to sign a contract and believe that we as planners were worth it. THANK YOU. Thank you for believing in us, cheering us on, and never doubting the leap of faith you took in hiring us. We are so overjoyed that #itsbrametime this Saturday. We cannot wait to bring your wedding dreams to life and witness your love in its purest form.

Before these cuties say "I Do" and become Mr. and Mrs. Brame in Richmond this weekend and then jet set off to Hawaii for two weeks (jealous!) we wanted to reflect and share some of their beautiful engagement photos with you. Enjoy!

Day of Coordination: Coastyle Weddings & Events

Photography: Ryan & Rach Photography

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