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Uniquely Us

This is always a hard one. They say one of the most important questions to ask yourself when starting a business is "How will you be different? Why should someone choose you over the bazillions of other event planners out there?"

Especially on the Outer Banks. Being one of the top destinations in the nation, or dare we say world to get married, it truly is "wedding world" around here. No really, everyone is in weddings somehow. Whether you are a photographer, second shooter, caterer, bartender, housemen, designer, florist, rental company, receptionist setting up room blocks, restaurant offering rehearsal dinners, golf courses scheduling tee times for the groomsmen, officiating, realty company specializing in event homes, or the wife, husband, brother, sister, or friend of one of these people...we are all in it together. #communityovercompetition people, it's the real deal! Treasure it!

To get back to the point: We've pondered this question a lot. Why us? Forget our degrees, qualifications, years of experience - you've heard it all before. We think we've finally got it down to a few sentences. So here you go:

We are a duo that believes strongly in three things:

Communication, Customization, and Empathy. No two clients are ​alike, ​therefore​ it is important to us to provide a​ hands on e​vent planning experience tailored specifically to you. Passion combined with efficiency, personality, and strong vendor relationships is what brings your dream event to life. Rest assured we will work collectively to provide you with an unsurpassed level of service, all while making your dreams a reality. ​Join us as we celebrate life, love & the beauty in the details.​

BOOM! Oh, and don't take this lightly. We GET it. We get that you don't want to spend a million dollars on your wedding, we get that you're incredibly nervous to stand in front of all your family and friends and be vulnerable (cue the ugly cry), that you want your hair to encompass the perfect beach wave, that when you say blush you do not mean pink, and that is A-OK with us. We dreamt of creating this business, we dreamt of having clients just like you, we dreamt of being entrepreDOers and frankly we couldn't do it without you. To get it right we created a two planner team that is here to work both with you and for you. And we plan to deliver along with laughs, compassion, and love.

Photography: Candace Owens with Brooke Mayo Photography & Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

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